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Coffee, Tea, Homemade Healthy Snacks & Customized Healthy Hampers

The snacks we make are gluten-free so they are safe to eat every day even for those of you who are on a diet.


​Everything changes except our morning routine: coffee. All you need is a kettle and a Terra Coffee Bag Sachet to enjoy a luxurious coffee with convenience.

Our local farmers wholeheartedly picked the best beans and blended the Gayo, Sumatran Mandheling, and a touch of other freat Arabicas from the Archipelago.

The same happiness goes to our tea lovers' pals! Our local farmers have handpicked tea leaves, giving a rich intensity with a calming effect. Don't forget to pair them with our exceptional Healthy Cookies Hampers or Party Snacks Nuts. Let's start brewing!

Customized Healthy Hampers

Terra has been known to many people with restaurants that provide healthy food catering, including one of them is a hamper. We have prepared various types of gift boxes and hampers that you can give to your loved ones to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, wedding gifts, Christmas, or Eid.

In general, these gift boxes and hampers are filled with healthy cookies, baked nuts, and many more, and are made with love. And what makes it fun is that you can customize them to your likings!

You can order these hampers through our website and we will send them to your place or even send it directly to the address you want to go to. We certainly feel happy to be a part of you to celebrate with giving and gifting.
You are welcome to customize it, let's place an order by calling our contact number on this website.

Best gifting options with our Cookie hampers for Anniversaries, Wedding Gifts, Christmas, and Eid.

Life is a celebration and we must cherish it every day! Moments are so precious that we would like to give the best on special occasions.

Worry not, Terra is here to fulfill the need for a celebration without making you think about the countless calories and unhealthy snacks. We are still going to enjoy eating, snacking, and celebrating with Terra's good stuff. Gluten-free cookies, baked nuts, homemade granola, and granola bars are some of our healthy creations that you'd willingly put on your hampers. Give a surprise in the form of our healthy hampers!


 Indulge in a range of treats to keep the whole family pleased! Let’s all spread the spirit of health and gifting with love.

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