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Healthy Food Catering & Meal Plan Diet

​​Want to start a sports nutrition program, eat clean, or lose weight?

Terra can provide you with meals that can be delivered straight to your home (*delivery fee applies) or picked up at a store!

All meal plan programs are based on the nutritional understanding of the Alkaline Diet & Ayurveda Wisdom, supervised by Plant-based Chef Yogesh 'Kevin' Rambujun.

​We can help you lose weight by serving healthy food. Terra Resto also provides catering vegetarian and is perfect for those of you who are on a diet program.

You can order a meal plan for the next few days at Terra Resto, we will be happy to prepare healthy food for you every day. Terra Resto is a healthy eating place in South Jakarta, and is one of the best restaurants serving diet food in Indonesia.

​Healthy Food Catering Menu for Your Diet Meal Plan

We have several healthy food catering menus to support your diet plan program, including clean eating, weight loss, plant-based, and sport meal.

Clean Eating


​We have a clean eating package with 400 - 700 calories per meal. This package is intended for those who want to start a clean diet, maintain weight, meet nutritional balance, and help to boost your immune system. Terra is a place for meal plan Jakarta that provides various healthy food packages to meet your dietary needs and maintain your body's balance.

This plant-based meal plan is perfect for catering vegetarian. The food we serve comes from fresh and healthy plants and has high nutrition. Terra is the best meal plan Indonesia for quality plant foods with 400 - 600 calories per meal. So for you, a vegetarian, we are the right place to meet the needs of your daily meal plan to maintain the balance of nutrients needed by your body.

Weight Loss

Sport Meal

This weight loss meal plan diet Indonesia is perfect for those in the recovery period after surgery or after recovering from a severe illness. These foods can help you lose weight quickly and nutrients that are easily absorbed by the body. The total calories obtained from this food package range from 600 - 1000 calories per meal. As a catering diet Jakarta, of course, Terra can meet your daily healthy food needs.

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Whether hosting a corporate meeting, in-home party, or simply a social event...

our catering team will bring it to you!


We serve various foods such as catering vegetarian, catering healthy food, catering diet, and others at Terra Resto Jakarta. We are ready to fulfill your meal plan with sufficient nutritional needs so that you can continue to do a diet program correctly and adequately.

Place your order below or please fill out the form and we’ll be in touch soon!

Delivery available 7 days a week - Orders must be placed 24 hours in advance

Delivery fee depends on a distance from our outlets*

How to Order Meal Plan Diet & Catering Vegetarian

Terra, as a catering healthy food Jakarta Selatan has sports meal packages that can help provide balanced nutrition with high quality. This sport meal is specialized for performance enhancement and antioxidant injection for the body for post-workout recovery. With a high-calorie content, which is between 750 - 1250 calories per meal. Make us the meal plan Indonesia to meet the healthy food needs of the best athletes.

Looking for Catering Diet in Jakarta?

Terra is the right choice for those of you who need healthy food catering in south Jakarta. Our customers have trusted us in making healthy food to meet their nutritional needs by doing a diet program. Jakarta's diet catering is sought after by many people because they need delicious diet foods without worrying about gaining weight.

With catering vegetarian, of course, this can maintain a balance of nutrients that your body needs to maintain your weight or even lose it. We are happy to be a part of meeting your balanced dietary needs. So you just need to get started now.

Do You Need a Proper Diet Meal Plan?

As an meal plan diet Indonesia, Terra can provide the right meal plan to set a healthy lifestyle with a meal plan that you need to do every time. This meal plan Jakarta is perfect for those on a diet program or those who want to maintain a nutritional balance and keep their weight in an ideal position. We are the best catering healthy food Jakarta Selatan for you.

You can choose an meal plan Indonesia and see all our menus here, as we have a variety of healthy meal plans to cater to your needs over the next few days. So let's start a healthy life by consuming healthy food at Terra Resto.

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